Propranolol is sometimes recommended for the treatment of problems linked with hypertension, and this very problem too. If you really need to keep your higher blood tension under control, Propranolol is a beta-blocker that you could take. Make sure you proceed taking it frequently without missing amounts as soon as you have begun taking propranolol. Missing out on an amount is not crucial, yet if you miss your dosages consistently, this might have an effect on the success of your therapy. Always ensure you tell your healthcare provider if you are visiting take other medicines besides propranolol, such as medicines for migraine hassles, asthma meds, reserpine, medicines, supplements, allergies medicines, coughing and cool medications, heart disease medications, or other high blood stress medications, as occasionally communications are feasible. Tell your medical service provider if you establish such major negative effects as breast pain, sore throat, slow, irregular heart beat, uncommon blood loss, swelling of the feet or hands, or uncommon weight gain. Light adverse effects do not should be reported, as they are generally short-lived and unexpected to influence the excellence of your procedure. The following ones are possible: tummy aches, minimized libido, weary sensation, rest problems, constipation, queasiness, diarrhea, or puking. (c) 2010